Songie [Edited and Extended]

Let me sing you a song,
you can stop for a bit,
listen to me all day long,
don’t stand there, come and sit.
I sing from the twilight zone,
I sing in my fellow’s home!
I sing pretty neat words.
Believe! let’s fly like birds!
But I wish to you only good luck,
and if you don’t succeed at first,
give no amount of fucking fuck,
for revenge you shouldn’t thirst,
but you will not fail, I am sure,
but don not listen to old and stupid me,
I have no idea what you had to endure,
proud of yourself you should always be!
That was my song, I sang from the heart,
there shouldn’t be in your mind a single doubt.
Now I must go, I will be leaving,
I will come back,
I am not being deceiving,
and things shan’t be black!


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