Genesis of Water

In the beginning there was nothing, the vacuüm of space and God was bored. The music of space was lonely, I mean there was no music and what more lonely than no music at all. Then God decided to do something about he. So he created Hydrogen… and it was good. He filled space with it and was very proud of himself, but got boring soon so he decided to slam two Hydrogen atoms at each other – baam – instant Helium. Now God could talk funny and it was good. So God continued to experiment with matter and it was good.

Some time passed and God had many elements and creating new ones started to feel really boring and besides God didn’t care much about radioactive elements. So it was then when elements were made to form compounds. Then God created water and God was amazed.

And that is how water was made. Next time we will discuss the Hellfire Wars that lead to the creation of the stars.


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