Good and Evil

Some of the greatest minds keep thinking where the fine line between good and… Well, let’s call it “not-good” is. The more intelligent people would tell you that in fact there is no line. The two intertwine and cannot be really distinguished the closer they get the same they are.

I think that a delicate definition of doing good can be said:

An action that has a noble purpose, it is carried in a way that none is hurt and the result is a bettering the condition of life.

An act of evil is supposed to be the complete opposite:

An action that has a selfish purpose, the end justifies the means and the result is worsening the condition of life.

Of course not every action is good or evil; there are deeds that are just deeds and mustn’t be put in the extremities, we all know that life is not black and white, it goes more along the line of being greyish, but that too is a very two-dimensional look on things, there are colours that make matters more and more complicated. So what is in the middle? Well, we are in the middle. How many of you can truly say that all your actions are good or evil according to the definitions above.

Those things said above are absolute and as such cannot enter the real world, they are only ideas, unreal ideas and are not something worth believing in, let’s concentrate on our Universe of grey and colour, where the blackness of space is filled with stars and the white of stars is covered with the mantle of darkness.

Go away from a bid city, look up and see the stars, how the fill the void and give life to the Universe, which would’ve been only a hollow and dead shell without them. They are so small and yet so big. So distant yet they can touch our lives more than the closest spec of dist that looks times and times bigger. Look up there, but the answers you cannot find there so stop starring at the sky, it matters not, not now, it matters in dreams, not in knowledge. Look down. Down you can see the World, that place filled with people, animals and plants, and air, and everything that is truly important. Wouldn’t you trade the whole sky, the whole sum of galaxies only to preserve our little paradise here, on Earth?

Of course you would and you should. Does that make you a good person? Possibly. The stars have little real meaning for you. What if I tell you that every star is home to billions of living beings and you’re not trading the only the light in the sky for the Earth but their lives included? You will most certainly not believe me and you will be right, I do not posses such knowledge. At the same time I could be right. But the most logical and possible possibility is that I am half right. What then? Half of those stars are home to half billions of half creatures. Does it really matter, you’re going to condemn them all, I can feel your eyes on the screen/paper, their burn through the words like fire, questioning my questions. But I am glad you’re pushing forward and not leaving this to be. I know there is no greater wisdom in my words, there may be none for all I know, those are things I ask myself, things that I don’t want to ask myself.

So are you a good person for saving The World or are you a bad person for destroying the rest of the Universe? Congratulations, you’re both. You are a good tyrant, a very bad nobleman and very easy to trick into taking quick decisions; you’re a perfect, normal person – a really stupid one too, but not stupider than everybody else, just as stupid as everyone else. Does that comfort you? Why am I asking you this? I really don’t know.

All hail You, savoir of the Earth. All hate You, destroyer of the Universe.

What about regret? That is a very difficult matter. So you have damned the Universe to save your own world, but do you regret this.

  1. You have no regrets and this ends here, you live unbothered for the rest of your life.
  2. You have regrets and from here you can take several paths…

Regret can lead to madness. It can eat you up, but in fact it is only trying, screaming desperately “Do something, fight, heal the wounds, correct your errors!” If you hear this voice – listen to it, for it will never shut up as long as you bear your burden of guilt.

So you chose to try to change, to correct your mistake. This can make things worse, you know. In most cases it does, but it can really make the difference, so go on.

  1. You try and try. Things only worsen. Congratulations – you live in a nightmare 😉
  2. Everything is restored… Only… The voices would never shut up. Congratulations – you are a very good person, too bad you will suffer schizophrenia for the rest of your natural lives. (unless of course something split your soul – then you would for the rest of eternity)
  3. Everything is ok – you, the world, the universe. Congratulations – you’re dreaming or you’re a character of a fairytale. Ok, it is possible in the real world, but… well… don’t count on it.

What about being good or evil? It was never about this. It was, it is and it will always be about how much you take responsibility for your actions, how stupid you are and how willing to sacrifice yourself you are.



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