In the lion’s den

I fear nothing… At least I used to fear nothing, but when you see the inside of a lion’s mouth, when it’s breath is touching your face, the smell of rotting flesh, that once belonged to people who I fear were far braver than me is filling my entire existence. But they were foolish also. I am many things, but I believe I am no fool. There is a strange and weird sensation when you know that death is near by. That I don’t have a choice, that is what I fear the most.

Seconds passed, minutes passed…

Strange, I’m alive. I lived. Words are falling short to describe the relief that I felt. It went through my whole body, it shook me. I almost thanked God.

Then I opened my eyes. The lion was standing right before me, smiling, its big eyes looked at me. The lion understood, it was not happy about it, but it went its way. I sighted in relief again. I knew that story was not over, but there was yet hope it would not end in disaster…


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