In the shadow of light

There is a dark and a light spot, grey mist is between.  Two figures occupy each. The figure in the light is dressed in dark purple, the other one is dressed in white, an almost illuminating light. They are sitting on the ground, facing opposite directions. They each look in the beyond, contemplating on something.

Time passes, possibly eons, until they discover each other. For a moment they just stare at each other, discovering a new world. Then they gently stand up. Light bows and Dark followed. Their fascination and curiosity is timid, at first. Then they get close to the boarders of their realms and touch an invisible veil.

The veil lifts and the crossed into the grey mist. Then they start to dance.

Soon they started to miss their homes, so they went to Light’s home. There the light being shines but Dark fades into the background. In Dark’s home it is a similar story, there Light cannot be distinguished.

This situation calls for a compromise, which of course, none wants to give. So they begin an argument. Points and voices are raised. Insults and unkind gestures are thrown. Finally they turn their backs and go back to their respectful realms only to lament the separation.

They start singing a song. It is a haunting melody with words in a language known only to them. Their song lasts forever. In the end they realize that they cannot live apart. They throw themselves at each other. In that moment all their being compresses into a tiny dot, all the energy of the universe is in them, they suck the light realm, the dark realm and the in-between realm.

Everything disappear for a second, a second that lasts millions of eons. At last it all explodes and the universe is born a new. Stars and space start to fill everything.

Neither the consciousness of Light, nor that of Dark were not lost. For now the live together as one, until they grow weary of each other. Then they will split up and stare into the nothingness for billions upon billions of ages, until every memory is forgotten, the Universe is empty again, divided between light and dark…

…and the cycle starts anew…


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