Why are fat people better than you?!

Several reasons why fat people are better than you (in per cents)

Fat people are better than you because:

1. They are at least 20% more floatable than you.

2. They enjoy food at least 15% more than you.

3. They enjoy sex at least 60% more than you.

4. They are at least 10% more relaxed than you.

5. For every pound overweight they have 20% more potent soul.

6. They are from 0 to 23% happier than you.

7. They are from 1 to 90% more intelligent than you.

8. They are at least 30% more likely to save the world than you.

9. They are at least 5% more prone to be good rather than evil than you.

10. They are 30% more knowledgeable in computers than you.

11. They are 10% more likely to be politicians than you.

12. They smell at least 50% more powerfully than you.

13. They are at least 30% more noticeable than you.

14. They have 13% more developed imagination than you.

15. They are at least 7% more creative than you.

16. They are at least 3% more talented than you.

17. They sing from -20 to 20% better than you.

18. They write 8% faster than you.

19. They are at least 4% more loyal than you.

20. They have 12% less secrets than you.

21. They desire 20% less power and money than you.

22. They smile 10% more than you.

23. They have 30% less wrinkles than you.

24. They have 10% more skin than you.

25. They think about their figures 5% less than you.

26. They worry about gaining weight 20% less than you.

27. They have 6% less nightmares than you.

28. They love animals at least 4% more than you.

29. They love plants at least 6% more then you.

30. They will have at least 30% less physical injuries than you.

31. They taste 29% better than you.

32. They are at least 2% better than you in your job.

33. They like movies 4% more than you.

34. They like books 5% more than you.

35. They like music 6% more than you.

36. They are at least 10% scarier than you.

37. They can take care of themselves alone 50% better than you can.

38. They drive at least 3% better than you.

39. They get sober at least 7% faster than you.

40. They can cook better than you.

41. They can tell a joke better than you.

42. They are at least 20% more likely not to be offended by this than you…


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