The time before dawn

Three hooded figures approached the clearing. It was in the middle of the night. It was new moon. All the forest was engulfed in darkness, only the three figures gave a somewhat dimmed light. They reached the center of the clearing. They raised their hands and purple fire loomed around them. It became a ring of fire that floated low above them, giving them sufficient light to see each-other. They had pale, young, beautiful faces, with longish black hair and green eyes. They had no smile on their mouths, which made them creepy. One of them had a short, pointy beard. He looked the eldest and spoke first.

“Little brother, little sister, greetings!”

“Greetings, elder brother!” they replied in one voice.

“Ages were kind to us all. But we have a problem, a big problem…”

They all knew what was going on in the world of humanity.

“Our kind is being ridiculed once again. It is becoming tiresome.” The elder said.

They all looked at the ground. Visions of the new ruthless human ways to persecute their kind rushed through their heads.

“We’re all but finished, we’re no longer feared.” The little sister started to cry, her tears burned the ground.

“They say that the cry of a vampire changes the world.” The elder looked at the scorched ground, and then he added angrily. “Those humans will pay! Every single one of them which supported this crusade shall pay for every tear of my sister!” Then he gave a howl.

“Calm down, big brother! Don’t let your rage command your actions. That was what you were teaching us all our lives.”

“Things are different, little brother.”

“Be we should not be different!” said the sister, still sobbing, but confidently.

They knew she was right. They have fought for ages to leave the savagery behind. And when they have achieved that what did the humans do? They started to make fun of vampires, to show them soft and loveable, to show them in lights that they never had and will never have. Humans do not understand vampire romance and they never will. So they take vampire characters and give them weak, puny, soft, human souls.

This did not mean nothing until young vampires started to believe this and elders started selling out their own culture for the amusement of mankind. This was destroying vampire society, dividing them and was on the brink of causing war. With the cry of a vampire begins a new age.

“So what are we going to do?” asked the elder brother.

“I know… We should make another Legacy of Kain game, which will remind everyone what we stand for!” said the little brother.

“That is a good idea, little brother, that will surly save your kind from abuse from the mass-media.”

The darkness of the sky started to lift. The black shroud turned purple and soon the sun was going to show itself. The three vampires said goodbye and returned to their sanctuaries, with a little hope lit up in their souls…

Vampire dignity was about to be restored and the twilight of the sun forever be damned!


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